Impact and evaluation

STEM Women Asia is part of the Australian Academy of Science’s Gender Equity in STEM program. This program is committed to not only elevating the visibility of women in STEM but also meaningfully measuring the impacts of online platforms such as STEM Women Asia.

The evaluation of STEM Women Asia will be based on the evaluation process used for the Australian STEM Women initiative to formally measure the use of the platform by both experts and seekers, and the effects of this use over time. You can read more about the STEM Women evaluation via this link.

We have established mechanisms within the site to collect de-identified information about how people use the STEM Women Asia database. This includes identifying popular search terms, the number of profiles on the site and the volume and type of searches for relevant experts. Users of the site are also asked a few optional questions to provide insight into their motivations for using the site.

Across the next 12 months, we will distribute surveys to learn about the opportunities STEM Women Asia has provided and the impact this has created. Participating in these surveys is entirely voluntary.

If you have any questions about the STEM Women Asia evaluation process, please contact us.