Felycia Edi Soetaredjo

Vice Dean for Academic, Student and Cooperation Affairs
Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University
Vice Director Science Technology Innovation Centre
Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University


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Water pollution is a serious problem in many countries due to lack of awareness of environmental and health effects of untreated wastewater. There are many types of pollutants discharge into water bodies every day.  Our nature has ability to degrade various pollutants but it needs long time, while in fact the amount discharge is more than the ability of nature. Our research group have found a process to treat organic and reactive pollutants in short time. The process was involving Fenton reagent and subcritical process, and already tested to treat UV reactive compounds in wastewater. The results showed that it is powerful to degrade 98% of the compounds. The process the followed by neutralization and adsorption in order to adjust pH and remove the trace element before it is used as sanitation water. This process is in the process of patent application in Indonesia.

Our research group have been working in utilizing biomass and clay material to produce biosorbent, adsorbent and composite, which are effectively removing hazardous compound such as antibiotic, heavy metal and dyes. We also applied these adsorbent in the wastewater treatment.