Heidi Walkden

Science Policy Fellow
Australian Government


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Dr Heidi Walkden has more than six years’ experience in community pharmacy and neuroscience research. Her research has identified a new path by which bacteria can quickly move from the nasal cavity to the brain and spinal cord. She has also shown that an injury to the inside of the nasal cavity can increase the bacterial invasion of the brain via the nose-to-brain pathway. Such injuries are common and can be caused by cold viruses or mechanical injuries like a 'nosebleed'.

Heidi is an award-winning presenter and science communicator. She has won numerous awards for her oral presentations, scientific photos and poster prizes. She is an experienced science communicator and has been interviewed on several platforms including television, live national radio and for university marketing campaigns. Significantly, Heidi directed, filmed and edited Griffith University’s first scientific virtual laboratory tour which received critical acclaim from both academics and the public.

Heidi was recently selected for the Australian Science Policy Fellowship Program, run by the Office of the Chief Scientist, and is now working within a federal government department. In this role, she will use her expertise to advise and contribute to government policy work.