Jeak Ling Ding

National University of Singapore


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My research has focused on host– pathogen molecular interaction and innate immunity since the start of my career in 1984 at the National University of Singapore. I have used experimental models that span an evolutionary distance of 500 million years, from horseshoe crabs to humans. I have led my research projects mainly at the Department of Biological Sciences, with some collaborations among colleagues within the National University of Singapore and overseas. Over the years, I have successfully competed for major research grants, enabling my team to continually train, support and lead students and young researchers. Many of these researchers have become highly successful independent scientists worldwide. While I enjoy unravelling the fundamentals of innate immunity,

I maintain a keen interest on translating our discoveries to biomedical innovations and healthcare applications. For example: archive/2018/05/blood-in-the- water/559229/